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Football Coaching square pass and support game

A great football coaching game of quick  passing, support, quick combination and spatial awareness. The players will really have to be on their toes, be alert and be quick and accurate with both their passing and support.


  • Square of 10 – 20 yards, adjust to suit the age and ability of the players and for the type of passing you want to practice
  • 2 teams of 4, with a ball for each team
  • 2 of the team are positioned on the outside of the square, 2 in the middle.

1 organisation


  • Ball starts with one of the outside players
  • Both teams playing at the same time
  • Ball is passed into one of the middle players. The middle players combine and pass into the spare outside player.
  • Repeat

2 structure

Football Coaching Progressions

  • Condition to one and two touch passing
  • Which team can make the most passes?
  • Rotate middle and outside players
  • Make the area bigger or smaller
  • Pass out, follow out, pass in, follow in.
  • Put in 1 or 2 spoiling defenders

3 progressions

Football Coaching Tips

  • Players to keep their heads up and be aware of what is happening around them
  • Clear, concise, early communication, both verbal and with hand gestures, between players
  • Head up before passing. Only pass when there is a clear passing channel
  • Support / receiving players to make good angles to receive the pass
  • Accurate, well weighted and timed passing

4 coaching tips

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