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This is a football coaching session to improve players ability to pass, receive, overlap and then finish with a shot on goal



Lay out four pairs of cones, A,B,C,D, with about 5 yards between the cones, as outlined in the graphic. Start with a player on each cone and two players on cone A. The cones can be placed at different angles to each other. This practice is adaptable and two players can be placed on each cone to accommodate a bigger group of players.

To start the practice, Player A (yellow) passes to player B (white). Player B (white) initially checks away from the ball, before checking back to receive the pass. After passing, player A (yellow) starts a timed overlapping, supporting run.



Focus on the technique of the push pass, get the ball out of the feet, picture the pass, use the side – foot, strike through the middle / centre of the ball *Accurate, well weighted, timed passes, along the floor *Timing of the movement from the receiving player to check away from the ball, before receiving * Timing and angle of overlapping run *Timing of the dribble across the front of the cones *Timing and accuracy of pass into timed overlapping run *Communication between players *Accurate finish

Pass, support, overlap and finishing drill. Printable PDF

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