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Coach changing the point of the attack using accurate long passing

This is an effective game related coaching session that encourages players to suck the opposition to the ball with short passing, to then hit a long accurate pass into space created and change the point of the attack.

The purpose of this challenge game is for the players in one of the end grids to combine together with short passing and support and then make a long pass to the opposite end group, missing the gate keeper defender in the middle of the pitch. Once the group at the opposite end have the ball, they repeat the practice.


  • Use discs to mark out area – size of the area suitable for the age, ability and number of players
  • Mark out area into 3 separate grids
  • Supply of balls
  • Bibs


  • Play 3 v 1 or 4 v 2 in each end grid, attackers must have at least 2 passes, then make a long accurate pass to the opposite group.
  • When the ball is received by the opposite group, they repeat the practice.
  • Defenders start on the side of grid and can only come into the grid when ball is in the grid and controlled.
  • Gate Keeper – Player in the middle must stay in the middle, and can intercept the ball
  • Rotate teams regularly

Coaching Tips:

  • Short passing and support movement to create space and the opportunity for the long pass
  • Be positive when the chance to make a long pass presents itself
  • Ball out of the feet and head up, prior to making the pass, so that the players has a “passing picture”
  • Use the relevant and best passing technique – i.e. a long, lofted pass over the gate keeper: A driven pass with pace or a curled pass that gets round the gate keeper.
  • Receiving group at the opposite end to be alert and on their toes ready to receive the pass.


  • How many successful long passes can be completed from end to end¬†without the defenders or the gate keeper winning or intercepting the ball?


  • Initially condition the defenders to be semi passive to ensure the practice works
  • Encourage the use of both feet
  • Make the area longer and narrower
  • Play 4 v 2 or 5 v 3 in each end grid
  • Position two gate keepers rather than 1
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