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Coach your team to shoot more

Strikers are special players and they need lots specific games and sessions that give them loads and loads of opportunities to create and take shots and have finishes at goals.

This particular practice is a really enjoyable, fun and challenging game designed to create and take lots of shooting chances.

There are 4 age relevant sized goals with goalkeepers and the players can score in any of the goals, which creates lots of shooting opportunities. The coach has a key role to play in this game, as every time the ball goes out of play, the coach serves another ball in quickly, to ensure there is a continuity and intensity  to the game.

It is also a great game for players to develop and react to transitions from attacking to defending and defending to attacking and is really good for goal keepers as well.



  • Increase the number of players per team
  • Adjust the size of the area and the number of players to change the focus and intensity of the game. Make the area smaller for more close range finishing and reactive types of finishing chances.
  • Make the area bigger so that players have to work harder to create chances.


  • The first challenge –  which team can be the first to score 5 goals – this game can be played a number of times
  • The second challenge  – which team can score in all 4 goals first


  • If the ball goes out of play – the game is restarted quickly by the coach serving a ball into the area and the players reacting to get to it first.
  • If the defending team win the ball, they can try and score in any goal
  • If the GK saves the ball, they distribute quickly  to the team who DID NOT have the shot


  • Create space as a team and as individuals when in possession of the ball
  • Accurate passing and clever support for the player on the ball
  • Players to work hard to take positions in between the goals – that is where they will score!
  • Good communication between players
  • Positive and game related attitude to shooting – if there is a chance to shoot – take it!!
  • Clever, individual skills to create shooting chances – turning, dribbling etc
  • Quick, clever combination between players to create and take shooting opportunities – give and go etc
  • Be composed and accurate with shots – don’t rush the shot. Make sure shots hit the target!!
  • Follow up for rebounds.

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