Grassroots Coaching

Creating space and improving turning

A key aspect of developing intelligent players is to work on their spatial awareness, playing with their heads up and improving their ability to turn out of tight areas and away from defenders.

Technical practices, that are game related and have a focus are a great way of developing and improving these key spatial awareness, creating space and turning skills.

This is a practice that enables the coach to really focus on coaching players to develop and improve these key skills.

creating space

Key Coaching

  • Body and feet movement – try and be open when receiving the ball
  • Head up and head pivot movement – look around and have a spatial awareness of where the space is around them
  • Timing of movement to create space.
  • Try and make the movement early, be one step ahead
  • To get in space where the passer can see them and where there is a clear passing channel
  • Clever movement – in to out, or out to in to create space
  • Movement to create space for other players
  • Create space with the ball, by turning and changing the direction
  • The receiving player should communicate  to the passer, both verbally and with hand gestures when and where they want the pass
  • Quality and decision of passing



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