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Creative Play and Creative Football Coaching with Fabio Capello

Who is the best creative player? A number of England players, such as Ashley Cole and Michael Carrick talk about how football is changing and players are becoming quicker and more creative. A leading England football coach explains that as the game has changed, players need to be able to be able to retain possession, be able to pass quickly and effectively over a range of distances, but particularly over short distances. As a result, football coaches need to understand how to encourage young players to think creatively. The FA Youth Award coaching course trains coaches to do this.

Fabio talks about how players aged between 8 – 13 need to develop their technical skills. The video is an effective advert for the new FA Youth Coaching Awards programme.

Whilst I think that this new Youth Coaching Award programme, has its place in coaching. Before coaches look to take this award, they would be far better to take the FA Level 2 coaching award first, as this will give them a solid platform of how the develop and coach techniques, how these techniques are challenged and how to coach in small sided games.

Armed with this platform of knowledge, the FA Youth Coaching Award can be a very positive coaching tool for coaches, as it encourages players to think for themselves and for self learning. But, if a player doesn’t know the answers to solve the problems, they will need guidance and that is why I believe that coaches should attend a Level 2 coaching course first as this will help them give the answers and solutions if players are struggling.

Developing Creative Play and Creative Coaches with Fabio Capello

Game sense example

These sessions enable the football coach to replicate a game, putting players in game like situations more often than they would experience than playing in an actual game. This is important as it constantly challenges the players to repeat techniques and skill that challenge their decision making process

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