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Diamonds Shooting Game

Try this fun, dynamic and exciting game related finishing game. The players will really have to be on their toes and alert. Provide lots of team challenges within the practice, such as the first team to score 5 goals wins.


This is an unopposed technical practice designed to improve game related close range finishing. Encourage players to be realistic and positive in creating and taking finishing opportunities.


  • Suggested area size. 30 – 40 yards long x 15 – 20 yards wide.
  • Position a full size goal in the middle of the pitch with a GK. The GK keeps goal from both sides
  • There are two strikers in each of the areas, either side of the goal, they are the close range finishers
  • There are two mobile servers at each end of the pitch, their job is the field the ball and pass into the strikers to finish inside the penalty areas
  • There is a spare GK, with footballs on the side of the pitch by the goal. If a ball goes out of play they restart the practice by throwing the ball to the servers at either end. They also rotate with the GK in goal
  • If the GK saves the ball, they throw to the servers at the opposite end from the shot
  • If a shot goes past the goal, it goes through to the opposite servers who pass into the strikers to look to score
  • Play rotates end to end with lots of shots



  • Strikers’ movement to find space and receive the ball in the area
  • Positive attitude and decision – can the receiving player shoot quickly and accurately
  • Ball in front and out of feet, to enable the head to be up and assess the GK’s position and distance / angle to goal
  • Decision of first time shot or control and shoot.
  • What are the factors that will influence this decision? Pace of the ball, height of the ball, body position – facing goal or away from goal? How much time there is?
  • Decision of technique of shot to use – side foot, power shot, volley.
  • Application of the correct finishing technique – Part of foot? Area of ball to strike? Body position?
  • Clever play, turning and shooting, dribble and shoot
  • Hit the target – accuracy over power when close to goal. Be calm and composed
  • Timing of movement to follow up for rebounds and make the goal big for angled shots
  • Finishing from crosses – timed movement to leave and attack space.
  • Finishing from crosses – use the pace of the ball to deflect the ball into the goal
  • Clever, quick, combination play and communication between strikers to create realistic finishing opportunities
  • Support player – angle and distance of support to try and face the goal when receiving the pass to make the shot easier
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