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Dribble and shoot for points

A fun, challenging football coaching session in which players have to – Dribble and shoot for points



Dribble and shoot for points


A game to improve running and dribbling skills, with an emphasise on accurate shooting for points


  • 2 x avenue of cones 25 – 40 meters long and 1 – 2 meters wide.
  • Goals situated 15 – 20 meters from the end of the last cone.
  • Goals split into 3 targets, middle target 4 yards wide, end targets 2 yards wide.
  • Supply of balls


Individual or team competition. Players must dribble the ball between the cones, keeping the ball in between the cones, as quickly and as stylishly as possible. After the last cone, they have one touch and then must shoot the ball accurately and below knee height into the goal. Player gets 1 point for shooting into the middle of the goal and 3 points for shooting into either of the the corner target area, between post and pole. Coach to award extra points for the style and speed of dribbling and for not touching the cones. After shot player goes to the back of the next queue.

Key Coaching Tips

  • Dribble quickly using the front of the foot and little and big toe
  • Head up when dribbling
  • At end of dribble, compose before shooting
  • Head up to assess shot
  • Accurate, low shot



  • Individual and team game
  • Accept individual responsibility
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Support for team mates


  • Running
  • Dribbling
  • Kicking
  • Agility


  • Develop group and individual activities
  • Improve dribbling and shooting confidence
  • Concentration and focus
  • Decision making –  speed or technique


  • Dribbling and running with the ball
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Goalkeeping


Dribble and shoot for points. Printable PDF

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