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Dribblers and Freezers – Fun game for kids

A fun and exciting run with the ball, dribbling and ball manipulation game aimed at improving young players ability to dribble with their head up, manipulate the ball and change direction and speed, whilst keeping control of the ball. It’s simple to organise and has nice challenges and progressions.


  • Area 15 x 15 to 30 x 30 yard area – adjust to suit the number of players and the age and ability of the players
  • 8 – 14 players
  • A ball for each player
  • Bibs and discs to mark the area out

1 organisation



  • Inside the area 6 – 10 players “dribblers” all with the same colour bibs have a ball and must dribble their ball around the area.
  • 2 – 4 players, with different coloured bibs ¬†are the “freezers”. They too have a ball and they dribble round the area, but if they tag, touch or their ball hits the ball or the feet of any of the dribblers, the player immediately has to “freeze” and become a statue and stand still with the ball at their feet or above their head.
  • See how many players the “freezers can freeze in 1 – 2 minutes. The quickest time to tag all players, or the most tagged when the time runs out, wins.
  • After each game nominate two or three “freezers” and restart with all players back in the game.

2 structure


  • Make the area bigger or smaller to make it easier or harder for the dribblers.
  • Change the ratio of “dribblers” to “freezers” i.e 8 “dribblers” to 4 “freezers” this will make it harder for the “dribblers”
  • Let one of the “freezers” play without dribbling a football, they will be able to move faster and present more of a challenge for the dribblers.
  • If a “dribbler” passes the ball round or through the legs of one of the frozen players and gets it on the other side, that player is then unfrozen and can become a dribbler. This will mean the “freezers” will have to work harder

3 progressions

Coaching tips

  • Players to dribble with their head up
  • Use both feet
  • Use different parts of their feet, big toe, little toe, sole of the foot to manipulate the ball
  • Use changes of pace and direction
  • Be under control and keep the ball close

4 coaching tips

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