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FA Level 1 – Waves Part 4

This progression follows on from the blog “WAVES” start of the practice, “WAVES progressions two and three and “WAVES” progressions four and five.

All football coaching sessions should have progressions that constantly test and stretch the players, provide variation and encourage players to develop different skill sets. These two progressions encourages the players to switch play before having a shot at goal and demonstrates a session where two teams attack different goals at the same time and helps players to play with their heads up, find space, attack quickly, before shooting at goal.

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  • Organise players into groups of threes
  • Organise an area of about 50 yards long, by 20 yards wide. Adjust to suit the age and ability of the players
  • Goals at either end, with goalkeepers
  • Halfway line: Shooting line 10 -15 yards from the goal. The players must shoot before the shooting line.
  • Supply of balls, bibs and maker discs


  • Ball is served from the goalkeeper to the middle player.
  • The other two players make runs outside of both touch lines.
  • The ball is played to one of the wide players, who advances down the pitch with the ball
  • The middle player supports the wide player with the ball. Encourage the middle supporting player to support slightly behind the ball
  • The ball is played back to the middle, supporting player, who controls the ball out of their feet
  • The ball is switched accurately to the opposite wide player, who is outside of the touchline
  • The wide player advances down the pitch and passes accurately towards the shooting line.
  • The team look to finish with an accurate shot on goal. Follow up for rebounds.
  • Coach gives each team of three a set time to progress down the pitch and shoot
  • As the teams get better, the time given to score decreases.
  • Competition is to switch play to both wide areas and finish with a goal within the allocated time.
  • Groups alternate from end to end after shooting


  • Communication between players, both verbally and with hand gestures
  • Positive, accurate passing
  • Timing and communication of the run from the players who are going to make a runs outside of the touch line.
  • Wide players to run down the touchline with the ball quickly
  • Support angle of the supporting player who switches the play inside the pitch. Encourage the supporting player to be behind the ball and to have an open body
  • Control out of the feet and in the direction of the pass to switch play
  • Accurate pass from wide player towards the shooting line
  • Accurate finish
  • Rebounds from the goalkeeper
  • Goalkeeping



  • Both teams of three play at the same time, attacking opposite goals
  • Practice starts with a soft shot from one of the opposition team into the goalkeepers arms
  • As soon as the goalkeeper gets the ball, the three players find space to receive the ball from the goalkeeper
  • The team pass, move, support and communicate to progress quickly down the pitch to create a shooting opportunity
  • The shot must be a FIRST TIME SHOT
  • The competition is the first team to score with a FIRST TIME SHOT


  • Communication between players, both verbally and with hand gestures, to progress quickly down the pitch
  • Positive, timed, accurate passing: Players to find space and support the player on the ball
  • Players to play with their heads up and avoid the other team attacking in the opposite direction
  • Rebounds from the goalkeeper
  • Goalkeeping


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