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FA Level 2 football coaching assessment question

Question: I have a FA Level 2 Support Day coming up and have to coach “Improve the Skill of running with the ball”. I have some ideas, but they all seem a bit forced and unrealistic and I am not sure they are right, do you have any realistic run with the ball football coaching videos that could help me?

Answer: Take a look at this video – “Escape the Defender and run with the ball”. Running with the ball can be a devastating skill for players to develop. But it isn’t an easy skill to master. In this session the attacking players have to create a run with the ball, game related opportunity, that then has to be exploited by running quickly and positively with the ball. Because there is a defender in the practice it conforms to the Football Association’s Level 2 definition of a skill. If you wanted to use this same session for the technical practice, take the defender out so it is unopposed, then progress to bringing the defender into the practice to make it a skill.

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