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FA level 2 game to improve creating space

FA Level 2 game on creating space. The series on the FA level 2 on coaching creating space now moves onto how to coach creating space in a small sided game.  The key coaching priority is to ensure that as soon as your team gain possession, the players quickly spread out, wide and long, to create space as a team and to make the pitch as big as possible.

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FA Level 2 coaching


  • As soon as possession is gained, can the team create space as a team, both wide and long, to make the pitch as big as possible.
  • Encourage the players to think “one step ahead” – “Not where the ball is, but where it is going to be”
  • As the ball moves, the players should constantly be moving to positions related to the ball to find and create space, both for themselves and for team mates
  • There should be more than one passing option of a player in space for the player on the ball.
  • Players should concentrate on the timing and angle of movement to create space
  • Good communication between players
  • Quality of passing: To feet, space, first time passing or pass and control?
  • Turning with and without the ball to create space
  • Runs and movement to create space for other players
  • Defensive balance or lock up when attacking

FREE E Book on FA Level 2 Create Space in SSG

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