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Football Association Level 2 Rotating shooting game 2


Football Association Level 2 Rotating Shooting Game 2


  • Organise an area of approximately 40 yards x 20 yards, with a goal in the middle and one goalkeeper in the goal. The goalkeeper should look to save shots from both directions
  • Lay out a shooting line approximately 6 yards from either side of the goal. The players must shoot before this line
  • Position two strikers either side of the goal. They must stay in the area either side of the goal and should look to be creative and take on shooting opportunities.
  • Position 2 – 4 fielders on either side of the goal and around the outside of the area. Their job is to field any shots that go through the goal or miss the goal.
  • After one of the fielders has received the ball, they should set it to a supporting fielder who then passes the ball back into the strikers on their side of the goal. If a shot goes through the goal or misses the goal, the strikers on the other side of the goal must leave the ball to go through to the fielders.
  • Position a second goalkeeper 10 yards to the side of the goal, with a supply of footballs. They can rotate with the goalkeeper in goal. Their job is also to distribute the ball, by throwing to any of the fielders if a ball goes out of play.
  • Supply of balls, bibs and maker discs


  • Fielders must pass to another fielder before ball is played into the strikers
  • Strikers restricted to a maximum of 2 touches, except where they have to finish first time

COMPETITION – Each pair of strikers must score a goal with the following:

1.      First time shot

2.      Turn and shot

3.      Ball pulled back from one striker to the second  – first time finish

4.      Through pass from one striker to the second – first time finish

5.      Give and go between strikers

The winning pair are the ones that complete all 5 scoring examples in the fewest shots. Rebounds from the goalkeeper count as a goal.


  • Fielders to support the fielder on the ball. Good angle and distance
  • Reaction from the strikers to find space and receive the ball from the fielders
  • Communication between players, both verbally and with hand gestures
  • Positive, accurate passing
  • Strikers to be creative and be aware of the finishing requirements of the competition
  • Head up to assess goalkeepers position
  • Appropriate close range finishing techniques – more accuracy, less power
  • Rebounds from the goalkeeper:
  • Goalkeeping


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