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Football Coaching Drill on Dribbling in and around the area

This is a football coaching drill designed using Coaches Chalkboard on improving dribbling in and around the penalty area. Players will need to create space in which to receive the ball. To receive the ball out of their feet so that they are facing the opposition goal. Get their head up to see what their options are and then look to use dribbling tricks, skills and ball manipulation and to move the ball and their body past opponents. Finally, there needs to be a positive end result after the dribble of a shot or a cross.


To improve players understanding of the need to create space, receive the ball facing the opponents goal: Quick feet, dribbling and finishing


*Area 45 x 20 yards: Central zone 5 yards wide: 2 Goals with GK’s – as per diagram

*Position 3 cones in each half

*2 players from each team in each half: 2 players from each team in the central zone with a ball between them

*Ball is passed between the players in the central zone

*As the ball is travelling, the two strikers move quickly away from the cone to find space to receive the ball

*Whoever gets the ball looks to attack and dribble round a cone and finish with a shot

*Striker who doesn’t receive the ball either moves away to create space for the striker with the ball or makes a run which the striker with the ball can use to create space and finish

*Second striker follows up for rebounds from the shot



*Movement to create space to receive the ball out of the feet.

*Encourage the two strikers to go in different directions, away from each other or across each other

*Body position – to receive the ball so that the player is facing the direction they want to dribble

*Ball in front, close and get the head up to assess options

*Ball manipulation, using different parts of the foot to manipulate the ball quickly and under control and use changes of direction

*Developing changes of pace, slow, slow, quick, quick

*Develop and use tricks, step overs etc, to unbalance defenders

*Change of pace and direction after the trick to exploit space created

*Keep the ball under control and close, with the head up

*Positive end result after the dribble, to shoot, pass, etc

*Player without the ball moves away from the dribble to leave them 1 v 1



*Introduce two defenders, instead of the cones, passive at first and gradually build up to match speed

*Make the game a challenge, most goals scored by each team


Click on the graphic to download the Coaches Chalkboard session on Dribbling in the penalty area







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