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Football coaching drill Tiki – Taka

This is a fun possession based football coaching drill, that is somewhat like Tiki-taka, the style of play made famous by Barcelona. The players on the outside of the square and the one in the middle of the square have to keep possession away from the defenders in the square. The team with the ball get extra points if they can pass the ball to the golden player in the square or between the defenders. Rotate players often.

3. purpose

Football Coaching Drill Organisation

  • Area 10 x 10 yards or to suit the age and ability of the players
  • 4  – 6 players on the outside of the area with a football – the attackers, plus one attacking player in the middle – the golden player
  • 2 players in the middle – the defenders, progress to 3 defenders if the game becomes too easy
  • Ball, bibs, cones
  • Play more than one game if a larger squad


  • The 4 attacking players on the outside with a football must move and constantly support each other.
  • The attacking player in the middle – the golden player – should constantly be looking to find space and support the ball
  • The attackers are looking to pass the ball to each other, either around the square or through the square. If possible, they should look to pass to the golden player who can link play.
  • The defenders try and stop them by pressurising and winning the ball or intercepting the pass.
  • If defenders win the ball they return the ball back to the attackers, game continues for agreed period of time or until defenders win the ball back an agreed number of times, then rotate attackers and defenders.
  • Play lots of games


  • This is a challenge game. The attackers get one point for every successful pass, but also get two points for every pass that goes between the defenders or 2 points for a pass to the golden player who then passes out to an attacker.
  • Rotate teams and players often and see which team can get the most points
  • Attacking players will have to pass accurately and make good decisions and will have to move and communicate to support the ball quickly to gain success
  • Defenders will have to work hard and work together to stop them – if the game becomes too easy for the attackers, make the area smaller or add a defender

Key Football Coaching Drill Tips


  • Control the ball out of the feet, so the head is up, to “picture the pass”
  • Straight, slight angled approach. Non – kicking foot alongside the ball, body shape compact and over the ball
  • Strike the ball with a firm side foot and through the middle – centre of the ball
  • Kicking foot follows through to the target
  • Decisions about control and pass or pass first time

Support Play

  • Early support play for the player on the ball.
  • Good communication and angle and distance of support
  • Support where the player on the ball can easily see them and away from the defenders
  • Using body language and verbal communication to connect with the player on the ball
  • Readjustment of support position – as the ball moves or is controlled in a different direction support player will need to adjust to support in a different way.

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