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Football Coaching – Improve Ball Control – Progression 2

This is the first second progression to the Coaches Chalkboard session – Intense Ball Control Start and Intense Ball Control – Progression 1

To download this progression, click on the link:

Coaches Chalkboard session – Intense Ball Control – Progression 2

One of the fundamental techniques players need is to be able to control the ball effectively. As football coaches we should be constantly encouraging and helping our players to improve and develop their ball control techniques and skills.

Coaching ball control, starts at the beginning, with helping players understand the basic techniques of ball control. Players can then progress and start making technical decisions on not only how they control the ball, but where they control the ball and if they control it for themselves or for other players

Using the coaches’ chalkboard design facility on we have put together a progressive football training session football coaches can take to training to help their players improve the basic techniques of ball control.

This is the first of the Improve Ball Control football training sessions designed with coaches chalkboard. The final progression to this training session and a downloadable PDF will be added to the blog over the next 2 days.

Coaches Chalkboard session – Intense Ball Control – Progression 2


Watch a video on Improving Ball Control –
Intense Ball Control Session



Interactive, animated 3D drill on ball control –
Improve Protecting The Ball from the defender


Football Coaching - Ball Control










Improve Ball Control

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