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Football Training to improve close range finishing #1

Football Training to improve close range finishing session # 1.

Most goals are scored in and around the penalty area. Therefore it makes sense to provide game realistic football training sessions that will help your players to develop individual skills, quick, clever combination play and to react quickly to loose balls and rebounds in the penalty area. It is important that the football training sessions are realistic, relevant and ensure that the players have lots and lots of practice at finishing opportunities in the penalty area.

This is the start of a series of football training practices called – Diamond Shooting Games. This first practice is unopposed and has being designed using’s easy to use software – Coaches Chalkboard

The set up for the practice is:

  • Area 35  – 40 yards in length, or to suit the age and ability of the players
  • 15 – 20 yards wide
  • Full sized goal in the middle, with a goalkeeper, who plays both ways.
  • 2 x fielders at both ends, these are like midfield players and field any footballs that come their way and pass quickly back into the strikers
  • 2 x strikers who play in each penalty area and look to be positive and score every time the ball is fed into them
  • Spare GK, who rotates with the GK in the goal. Good supply of footballs


  • Ball is thrown from the spare GK to either of the fielders, this starts the game any time the ball goes out, this is the restart.
  • Fielders move to get the ball and pass the ball into the strikers on their side of the goal.
  • Strikers react to create space and receive the pass.
  • Strikers look to be positive and realistic and via individual skill, turn and shoot, or quick, clever combination play, look to get a quick accurate shot onto the target.
  • The second striker who doesn’t shoot follows up for rebounds.
  • If GK saves the ball, they throw the ball quickly to the fielders at the opposite end to the shot and practice is repeated
  • If ball rebounds from GK, second striker looks to score from the rebound.
  • If goal is scored, ball is allowed to run through to the fielders at the opposite end and practice is repeated in the is wave like, end to end fashion.
  • Ball goes out of play, second GK throws to the fielders and repeat practice

Watch the video to understand the structure and progression of the practice. Watch out for Football Training to improve close range finishing session # 2

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