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Fun practice to improve your teams finishing

Switch goals shooting and finishing game. A really fun and exciting game, where the attacking team have a choice of two goals to score in. If the defending team defend one goal, switch play and attack the other goal. If the defending team win the ball they can counter attack and score by passing into either of the two smaller goals. Play lots of games and rotate players often.


  • The size of the pitch should be relevant to the players ages, ability and numbers used. But suggest  30 – 45 yards wide x 20 – 30 yards deep
  • 2 x full sized age appropriate goals with GK’s
  • 2 x smaller target goals
  • Attacking team of 4 players, defending team of 3 players (rotate defenders and game can be adjusted to play 5 v 4)
  • Server with footballs to restart practice to attacking team every time the ball goes out of play


1 organisation


  • Ball is served to attacking team, who try and score in either of the two goals. Defenders try and stop them.
  • If the defenders defend one goal well, attacking team spread out, switch play and attack the other goal.
  • If defending team win the ball or the GK makes a save, they can counter attack and score in either of the two target goals.
  • A goal scored by the defending team into one of the two smaller goals counts as two goals

2 structure

Key Coaching

  • Attackers to attack realistically and to be positive and take goal scoring opportunities when they are there.
  • Defenders, defend realistically and try and defend the goals.
  • Attacking team to spread out, create space and use the full width of the pitch
  • One of the attacking team to always look to support behind the ball, this will help the attacking team switch the play.
  • Attacking team to be aware of the defenders positions, if they defend one goal effectively, the space to switch play will be on the other side of the pitch and towards the other goal.
  • Attacking players to be patient, move the ball and the defenders around.
  • Players to communicate with each other.

3 coaching tips

Progressions and challenges

  • Play challenge games over set periods, say 1 – 2 minute games. Keep scores and rotate players and teams often.
  • Even the teams up, play 4 v 4 to 7 v 7
  • Play with 4 goals and GK’s. Each team has two goals to defend and attack

4 progressions and challenges



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