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Improve soccer coaching – ball control and passing

Soccer coaching has never been made easier. Access hundreds of soccer coaching videos designed by UEFA A licensed soccer coaches. All the sessions are searchable by topic, age and ability. Watch the video to see a preview of the 60+ ball control and passing football coaching videos available on the site.

Why not watch the preview videos and decide for yourself if we can help you become a better soccer coach and make training more exciting and enjoyable for your players.

The technique of a player to control the ball, using any surface, in a manner that allows them to instantly make a decision on the next pass or shot is a vital skill. In addition, soccer coaching sessions that link ball control with passing are important in the development process of young players.

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Key Soccer Coaching Tips for Ball Control

1. Be on the toes and alert. Move to get in the line of the ball
2. Assess the pace and flight of the ball
3. Select the appropriate control surface –foot, thigh, chest etc
4. Upon contact with the selected control surface, relax and cushion the ball slightly away from the body and out of the feet
5. Try and select the biggest and safest control surface – big side foot is better than the front of the foot
6. With the ball controlled out of the feet, player should get their head up assess what is around them and decide on their next action, pass, dribble shoot etc
7. Good technique and execution of the next action


1. Control the ball to where there is the most space
2. Control the ball for another player – 1 touch
3. Introduce opposition to challenge the player controlling the ball – control the ball away from the defender


Key Soccer Coaching Tips for Short Passing

1. Control the ball out of the feet
2. Head up, to “picture the pass”
3. Straight, slight angled approach
4. Non – kicking foot alongside the ball, body shape compact and over the ball
5. Strike the ball with a firm side foot and through the middle – centre of the ball
6. Kicking foot follows through to the target


1. Communication – verbal and with gestures from receiving player where they want the pass to be played
2. Movement after the pass to find space and be a supporting player
3. Decisions on accuracy, timing and weight of the pass
4. Decision on first time pass or control and pass
5. Different surfaces to pass the ball with, outside of foot, laces


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