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Run with the Ball – Break Out Game

One of the hardest skills in football is the ability to run quickly and positively with the ball. Young players will run with the ball, but very often pick the wrong time to run with the ball, run with it in the wrong areas of the pitch and run with their heads down and end up running the ball into defenders. But, running with the ball is a very effective attacking tool and done correctly can be devastating. In this practice, Run with the ball – Break out, we have created a session that encourages the players to create and recognise run with the ball situations and how, technically they can run with the ball correctly.

Please download the PDF which you can print out and take to training and watch the Video so you can understand and be better prepared for your coaching session.

Coaching Information:

  • Pass, move, communicate and support to keep the ball away from the defender
  • Player to find space away from the defender and recognise the where the space is to run with the ball
  • Body position to see the space to run with the ball and to be able to receive the ball and have the first touch into the space, away from the defender
  • First touch into the space and quickly after the ball
  • Use the laces of the leading foot to push the ball in front
  • Be under control, but quick over the ground
  • Keep the head up and see what is around
  • Be under control, smaller touches when getting near to the opposite end zone
  • Head up to see where the defender is and where supporting team mates are
  • Accurate pass to team mates and follow pass
  • Movement from receiving players to find space away from the defender and communication between attackers
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