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Shoot through 1 goal game – to improve strikers shooting and finishing skills

This blog continues on the theme of developing and improving strikers goal scoring skills, creating repetitive game related scoring situations and providing theme related games that focus on shooting and finishing.

We have put together the following fast moving, fun and enjoyable game to improve close range finishing and shooting skills. Play 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 with one goal and a GK. The team in possession combine together to score through either side of the goal.



  • Area 30 – 40 x  15 – 20 meters marked out with cones
  • Full sized goal on the half way line.
  • 2 x Teams of 3 players, 2 from each team on one side of the goal, 1 from each team on the other.
  • There must always be at least 1 player from each team in each half of the pitch at all times
  • Good supply of balls with the coach. If the ball goes out of play, the Coach quickly serves a new ball onto the pitch.
  • Bibs


  • Attacking 3 players to combine on both sides of the goal, with passing, support and movement to create a shooting opportunity, through either side of the goal.
  • Encourage the players to be realistic and positive and take any shooting opportunities that come their way


  • One goal. Goalkeeper saves both sides.
  • 3 players in each team.
  • Teams line up with 2 players on one side of the goal and one player on the other.
  • There can be no more than 2 players in each half at any one time, but players can move from their own half to the other.
  • Team in possession combine with passing and movement to create a goal scoring opportunity on either side of the goal.
  • If defending team gain possession, they become the attackers.
  • If goalkeeper saves, the ball is returned to the coach.
  • If ball goes out of play, ball is served from the coach.
  • Coach will need a good supply of balls.


  • Make area bigger and play 4 v 4 and 5 v 5

Coaching Tips

  • Positive attitude to taking shooting opportunities
  • Movement to create and find space away from defenders in the area
  • Clever combination play between players
  • Individual skill, dribbling, turning, tricks to create shooting opportunities
  • Head up to assess GK and players positions, when possible, before shooting
  • Accuracy of shooting. Hit the target
  • Rebounds from the GK

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