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Crossroads shooting and finishing drill

This is a progressive and intense rotating shooting and finishing practice, which is also a great workout for the GK's. Initially, the ball is passed into a conditioned striker, who has to finish in one of the goals. Immediately, another ball is passed and the striker has to finish in the other goal. Repeat, vary the speed, height and angle of the passes to test the striker. The session progresses to 2 strikers working together, then 2 attackers v 1 defender in and around the penalty area and then to 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 in and around the penalty area . Watch the video to understand the challenges and progressions for this shooting and finishing game.

Game of Defending 1 v 1 FREE E book
Game of Defending 1 v 1 FREE E book

Game of Defending 1 v 1 FREE E book A small sided game can be a number of different themed practices, some of which do not include goals, but should be directional. To simplify things, I mainly coach in a small sided game, with goals and goalkeepers. In this small sided game to improve 1 v 1 Defending I have started by conditioning the teams to play man to man marking to provide situations where the defending team have lots of opportunities to defend in 1 v 1 situations.