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UEFA B Practice to coach forwards to play in the hole

This is a phase of play practice to work on attack v defence with a focus on coaching forwards to play in the hole between the defence and midfield.


  1. In possession, attacking team create space – make the pitch big, long and wide and stretch the defence
  2. Player on the ball to be positive and look to pass forward if possible – timed, accurate and weighted pass
  3. Strikers – one goes long to push the defenders back and create space
  4. Strikers – one times their movement to drop into the hole between the lines
  5. Hole player to try and receive the pass with an open body position and have good spatial awareness of what is around them
  6. Decision on receiving the ball – can the striker turn or do they need to protect the ball and set the ball back to support players and recycle the attack?
  7. Can they be positive and turn to create and take an individual shooting opportunity through shifting / dribbling and manipulating the ball
  8. Turn and look to pass forward to fellow striker – a through ball: or quick combination play between the two
  9. Turn and pass wide to create possible crossing situation
  10. Positive end result to the attack if possible
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