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UEFA football coaching – combine to finish

On a UEFA football coaching course from a couple of years ago, Alan Walker the then lead Tutor of Kent Football Association, coached a functional session on combination play to finish.

The set up was 2 attackers V 2 defenders in an area approximately 30 yards by 20 yards. There was a full size goal, with a goalkeeper and two servers at the edge of the area.

The function started with the ball being passed between the servers on the edge of the area, this gave the strikers time to create space with their movement. The ball was then passed into the strikers and the servers became support players, like midfield players, but conditioned to only support  behind the ball from the edge of the area and not to shoot.

Alan worked with the two strikers, to understand how they could create space for themselves and for each other and by using clever movement to pull the defenders out of position and isolate them in 1 v 1 situations.

UEFA Football coaching

He emphasised the need for the strikers to be positive and to create and take shooting and finishing opportunities, either through inventive individual play or through combining as a pair and by using the support players to create chances.

Finally, he let play go into free play and hoped to see the strikers create and score lots of goals.

Alan’s key UEFA football coaching points

  • Strikers to make good decisions about their movement to create space for themselves and their team mates.
  • To show a positive attitude and to use good techniques for the shooting and finishing.
  • To make good decisions on when and how to shoot / finish and when to pass to a team mate
  • To make clever, timed ┬áruns and movement
  • Demonstrate individual skills – quick feet and dribbling, shift the ball and quick shots etc
  • Quick, clever and incisive combination play between strikers
  • Utilise the support players to create and take chances.

Below are two brief videos taken from the UEFA football coaching course demonstrating inventive individual play and combination play.

Inventive individual play

Combination play

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