Grassroots Coaching

Waves – Shooting and finishing game – Progression 1

Second in the series of progressive waves, pass, support and finishing games.


Teams still need to pass and move quickly in teams of threes to create and take finishing opportunities.

Players pass and move in teams of threes in a wave like fashion, looking to move down the pitch quickly, to look to score.


  • Progress to score with a first time shot
  • Must turn before shooting


Key Coaching

Pass and Support

  • Early support play for the player on the ball. Good communication and angle and distance of support
  • Support where the player on the ball can easily see them
  • Stand still and support or movement to support for the ball to be passed into space
  • Using body language and verbal communication to connect with the player on the ball
  • Readjustment of support position – as the ball moves or is controlled in a different direction support player will need to adjust to support in a different way

Forward runs for forward passes

  • Recognition of player making the run of where the space is to run into
  • Timing and angle of forward run
  • Communication from forward  runner to passer, of when and where they want the pass
  • Quality of the ball from the passer – accuracy, timing and weight of pass

Turning to finish

  • Get a player to position themselves so the ball can be played into them in and around the finishing line
  • Body position – open, look over their shoulder before turning
  • Use different and appropriate turns – back foot: roll: let the ball run – no touch turn


  • Positive attitude and decision – can the player shoot quickly
  • Head up to assess goalkeepers position and distance / angle to goal
  • Technique of shot – side foot, power, volley, first time or control and shot
  • Hit the target – accuracy over power when close to goal. Be calm and composed
  • Follow up for rebounds
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