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Waves – Shooting and finishing game – Start

This is the first game in the series of Waves – rotating shooting and finishing games.


  • Organise players into groups of threes
  • Organise an area of about 50 x 20 yards. Adjust to suit the age and ability of the players
  • Appopriate sized goals at either end of the area, with GK’s
  • Position shooting lines – 10 – 15 yards from the goals. Players must shoot before this line.
  • The game is a competition to see which team can score the most goals from an agreed number of attempts. Rebounds count

Shooting and finishing


  • Pass and move quickly in teams of threes to create and take finishing opportunities.
  • Players pass and move in teams of threes in a wave like fashion, looking to move down the pitch quickly, to look to score.
  • Progress to time both teams to see which team can score quickest, after all the players have touched the ball at least


Key Coaching

Pass and Support

  • Early support play for the player on the ball. Good communication and angle and distance of support
  • Support where the player on the ball can easily see them
  • Stand still and support or movement to support for the ball to be passed into space
  • Using body language and verbal communication to connect with the player on the ball
  • Readjustment of support position – as the ball moves or is controlled in a different direction support player will need to adjust to support in a different way
  • Forward runs for forward passes
  • Recognition of player making the run of where the space is to run into
  • Timing and angle of forward run
  • Communication from forward  runner to passer, of when and where they want the pass
  • Quality of the ball from the passer – accuracy, timing and weight of pass


  • Positive attitude and decision – can the player shoot quickly
  • Head up to assess goalkeepers position and distance / angle to goal
  • Decision of first time shot or control and shoot
  • Technique of shot – side foot, power, volley, first time or control and shot
  • Clever play, turning and shooting, dribble and shoot
  • Hit the target – accuracy over power when close to goal. Be calm and composed
  • Follow up for rebounds

Shooting and finishing


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