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Football coaching drills – quick feet

Football coaching drills. Strikers need to work on and develop “quick feet”. These football skills will allow them to receive the ball so they are facing defenders, manipulate and shift the ball quickly to create space, trick defenders and then shoot in a crowded penalty area.

These fantastic football training drills  encourage the players to constantly receive the ball with an open body and to work on these magic “quick feet” dribbling and ball manipulation skills.

At first glance, this might seem somewhat of a chaotic football training session. But the session is designed to be chaotic, this is because for the players to be able to play in the chaos they will have to play with their heads up, communicate, manipulate and shift the ball to create space, avoid other players and the cones and pass accurately.

Initially, start the training session with the players walking, so they understand the pattern of the practice. Once they are understanding what they need to do, gradually increase the pace and intensity.

If the players still find the football training drills too difficult, increase the size of the area.

To progress the session make the area smaller and or add a couple of defenders, who are restricted to the middle zone and have to dribble and keep control of a football of their own whilst defending

Football Coaching Tips:

  1. Create space to receive the ball out of the feet
  2. Receive the ball so that the player is facing the direction they want to dribble
  3. Ball in front, close and get the head up to assess options
  4. Ball manipulation, using different parts of the foot to manipulate the ball quickly and under control in different directions
  5. Developing changes of pace, slow, slow, quick, quick
  6. Develop and use tricks, step overs etc, to unbalance defenders
  7. Change of pace and direction after the trick to exploit space created
  8. Ball under control and close, with the head up
  9. Positive end result after the dribble, pass, etc
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