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Football skill of defending when outnumbered FREE E book

Football Skill of defending when outnumbered FREE E book This is a progression to the FREE e Book on the Technique of defending when outnumbered We now move on from the technical practice to the skill practice and create fast moving, game like scenarios where the attackers are breaking quickly, counter attacking and trying to score goals and the defenders are outnumbered and have to delay the attack and try and buy time for team mates to recover back quickly, to get organised and stop the attackers scoring.

Soccer Drills to improve dribbling
Soccer Drills to improve dribbling

When I was a young kid in London, the first professional game I ever saw was Fulham v Man Utd at Craven cottage. In those days the kids got passed down to the front of the crowd and I ended up pressed against the perimeter fence, literally  a yard from the pitch. That was the first time I fell in love. The object of my love, was a skinny lad playing for Man Utd, he had unbelievable dribbling skills. could turn on a sixpence, beat players for fun. Stop in a second and then accelerate like a Ferrari. He was the best dribbler I have ever seen. His name - George Best.