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Tiki Taki – how to use it as part of your football warm up drills

How a coach can involve Tiki Taki as an integral part of their football warm up drills.

Barcelona and Bayern Munich don’t only use Tiki Taki as a main feature of their football training, but it is also an integral aspect of the philosophy of the way the play football.

In this Tiki Taki or Rondo football training session, by adjusting the size of the area, increasing or decreasing the number of defenders or by conditioning the players to one, two or three touches, you can structure a football coaching session that is suitable for a range of ages and abilities, including football drills for kids to football warm ups for adult players and one that the players will love and will really improve their football passing skills and support skills and to a degree their defending skills.

Set appropriate challenges for the players, for example, can they make 5 passes without the defender touching the ball, then 8 passes, then 10? Once they reach 10 passes, introduce a second defender. Once they make 10 passes again, make the circle smaller.

Encourage the following:

  • Players to be alert and on their toes so they can react quickly.
  • Receiving players to try and have a picture in their head of where they want the ball to go next, prior to receiving the ball
  • Quick and good support from players for the player receiving the ball
  • Good communication between players
  • Accuracy, weight and timing of pass
  • Pass where the defenders are not – head up play
  • Defenders to work hard, to communicate and to work together

In this video, we see how Barcelona use the Tiki Taki in their matches and how effective it is.

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